90 Warlock Dékkiirx

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All applications MUST contain a joke and a cat picture. Applications without these will not be processed or accepted. You will not be prodded or reminded to add this, consider it a test of your ability to work things out for yourself.


There is some confusion as to what we are looking for in a player. Firstly, you must want to raid.. Our 25 man raids Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:00cet-24:00cet. We understand real-life and make SOME allowances. If you are about to quit and just want to see bosses die, don't waste our time please. We all speak english. We are not the most amazing raiding guild the world has ever seen, but we do ok. As with every guild, we wipe a lot, deal with it.

You need to have a brain. The above is a minimum to make us consider you.

Do you have endgame experience?
Does your gear demonstrate that you have raided a long time (guild progress is NOT the indicator we are looking for)?
Do you play a 2.2k+ rated arena team?
Are you amazing and interesting to raid with, with a truly fantastic personality? We like people, we dont like loudmouth kids. Walk the fine line between funny and fuckwit.

Any information you give us will be used to see if you fit into any of those spots. If you dont supply enough information for us to decide, we won't! Good luck!

Other than this you should know what we need to know about you. Write a reasonable in depth application and put in some effort. We are not interested in players/members who are not willing or able to follow the simple instructions above and are not willing to put some time and love into their application. This application is the only chance you will have to persuade us of your worth. Make sure you write about yourself AND your character/experience.
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90 Warlock Dékkiirx

Post by dekkiirx » Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:53 pm

Hello Guild Shac!

My name is Dejan Radulovic.
I am 19 years old and i'm living in Sweden, Lund. As you can tell from my name,
i'm half Swedish as my parents are from Serbia but i was born in Sweden.
Starting university in January so at the moment i'm spending most of my time at the Gym or by the computer
playing something. Other games that i play except for WoW is Dota2 and GW2, but thats mostly with irl friends.

Real ID: Dékkiirx#1704


Armory link of my Character i wish to join Shac with:

http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... irx/simple

(prob pvp gear equipped, but i got full hc gear)


The story of my WoW Experience:
(From very beginning)
I really used to hate World of Warcraft and the people who played it cus i thought it was retarded to
Pay for a game every month to be able to play even tho you already bought the game. But then i started in
another school where 75% of the class played this game so i was like, "fuck it, ima try this game out".
I sat everyday when we had "lunch-break" at school on the old wow-europe.com looking on the tier gears and classes
to decide what class i would like to play. As i always played a caster in every other game i played,
i decided to go with that again and play a Undead Male Mage.

I started really late in Vanilla and was around level 58 when The Burning Crusade got out. At this time my Server(First one) was Deathwing. As my level was 58 i could instantly go over and level in Outland and after leveling for awhile, when i got to level 68, my friend "hacked" me and deleted my Mage. I didn't know that it was my friend that had given out my password to another friend after they told me 1 year later that it was their fault that my mage was deleted. But after my mage got deleted my friend(that gave out my password) told me that i could play on his account, which had a resto shaman. So i gave it a try and it became my account as he never had the time to play it.

I leveled the shaman up to level 70 and started doing both PVE and PvP, nothing hardcore at all just with random guilds in the start untill i found a guild called "Di Leva", a Scandinavian Guild on the server Mazrigos EU. They were 3rd best guild on the realm after "The beauties" & "The Legacy". Started to raid really hardcore with them as a Resto shaman and we farmed Black tempel & Mount hyjal before the nerf's(Achieved Hand of Adal title).
I had experience in Karazhan, Gruul's lair, Magtheridon's lair, TK & SSC aswell, but that was with random guilds & pugs on the realm. When Sun'well got out i was still playing in "Di Leva" but i only managed to down the first 3 bosses with them untill i had to give away the account to the owner, as he wanted to start play again..(By the time i was raiding i managed to achieve Gladiator as Resto shaman in S2).

So here i decided to make my own account again, and this time i made this Warlock as my first character and main on the realm Frostmane EU. When the expansion Wrath of the Lich King got out i was mostly focusing on PvP, only did PVE with pug's or random guilds just to clear the new raids and bosses. At this point i had several alt's which i was able to raid with aswell, was mostly playing my rogue in PvE and PvP on my Warlock. I really wanted to join
a hardcore raiding guild at this point but i didn't have so much time because of school and sports so i had to stick with pug's even tho i really missed the fun i had in PvE back in TBC. I Focused more and more in PvP and i managed to achieve 2611 rating in 3v3 as WLD - Warrior Lock Druid.

Some days before Cataclysm got out i migrated to Kor'gall cus of the Druid in my 3v3 team, as i really enjoyed playing with him i followed him there. While i was leveling from 80 to 85, i was doing dungeon and i found this mage who randomly asked me if i was doing some PvP and if i wanted to join his guild for Rated Battlegrounds when we hit 85. My druid joined the best PvP guild on the realm called "Sadistic intents" as he had some contacts there but they weren't
really recruiting new people so i decided to join this mage's guild called "Ice bank Mice Elf". I instantly got invited to their main group on my Warlock, but sometimes we lacked different classes so i decided to level my alt's aswell, it all ended me having all classes level 85 playing them all in RBG whatever was needed to make it easier for the guildleader to make a perfect team. After that many people in the guild, in lower ranks then officers were asking how come "Ebuu" (most of my characters were called ebuudekkiir) aint a officer when he's playing non-stop and pretty much doing everything for the guild to be active and progressive. So the guildmaster and the officers decided to make me a officer in the guild "Ice Bank Mice Elf". The highest people in the guild managed to achieve around 3000 rating in RBG. Been facing and winning against alot of good PvP guilds as "GAMESENSE", "Hydramist", "MONSTERS" etc etc.

Later in Cataclysm we made a decission in migrating to another realm called Outland cus Kor'gall got really boring and dead.We all went into separate guilds, and i found myself a Swedish 10 man guild <Elude> that was doing Firelands HC. I got accepted and we cleared 6/7 HC before the nerf in Firelands(Would have gotten 7/7 HC but our Hunter disengaged into the lava while he was taking the fire things on the floor on like 4%). First week of Dragon Soul HC we managed to get 2 kills, on Morchok and Yor'sahj the Unsleeping. Next week we made a few tries on the other bosses but had no progress and some people after the raid said that they are going to migrate to other realms because they wanted to do 25 man instead and some did quit completly.This then made me just focus on PvP and i was searching for 2 good partners for a good 3v3 comp but never managed to find a team that was on same level as myself untill one day i see two people searching for a Warlock for RLS.

We tried out some matches and it went really good, we had a w/l on close to 95% while only meeting top players. We didnt manage to get Gladiator cus i had to go on vaccation for 4 weeks and i got home last day of season and our shaman had migrated to another realm for free glad. So me and rogue were stuck on 2.4 rating with close to 2.6 mmr without a healer. Even tho we didnt get gladiator i enjoyed all of the arena matches i've played with the two players.
My character is the most important thing to me in my free time. I always strive to know everything about my character and to maximize my effiency in whatever I'm doing, be it raids or arenas.
The most important thing to learn for me is how the game and my dps output reacts to any changes I make to my character, so that I always know what will be the best setup (talents, gear etc) for each fight.
I'm extremly dedicated and motivated in joining the guild Shac, and i'm sure that if i get a chance to prove myself that i wont dissapoint as i play my class on a perfect level.

p.s ur confirmation code is retarded as fuck, it made me mad. :x

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Re: 90 Warlock Dékkiirx

Post by Niknaks » Fri Oct 05, 2012 6:57 am

p.s read the Red writing at the top
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Re: 90 Warlock Dékkiirx

Post by Mornie » Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:37 am

Hello Derkkiirx and thanks for your application.
After going through it i don't think you're the warlock were looking for. Good luck finding a guild for Mop.

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