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Forum rules
All applications MUST contain a joke and a cat picture. Applications without these will not be processed or accepted. You will not be prodded or reminded to add this, consider it a test of your ability to work things out for yourself.


There is some confusion as to what we are looking for in a player. Firstly, you must want to raid.. Our 25 man raids Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:00cet-24:00cet. We understand real-life and make SOME allowances. If you are about to quit and just want to see bosses die, don't waste our time please. We all speak english. We are not the most amazing raiding guild the world has ever seen, but we do ok. As with every guild, we wipe a lot, deal with it.

You need to have a brain. The above is a minimum to make us consider you.

Do you have endgame experience?
Does your gear demonstrate that you have raided a long time (guild progress is NOT the indicator we are looking for)?
Do you play a 2.2k+ rated arena team?
Are you amazing and interesting to raid with, with a truly fantastic personality? We like people, we dont like loudmouth kids. Walk the fine line between funny and fuckwit.

Any information you give us will be used to see if you fit into any of those spots. If you dont supply enough information for us to decide, we won't! Good luck!

Other than this you should know what we need to know about you. Write a reasonable in depth application and put in some effort. We are not interested in players/members who are not willing or able to follow the simple instructions above and are not willing to put some time and love into their application. This application is the only chance you will have to persuade us of your worth. Make sure you write about yourself AND your character/experience.
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Monk Application

Post by Bearpunch » Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:27 pm

Name: Greg
Gender: Male
Age: 24

Character info:
Name: Bearpunch
Class: Monk
Race: Panda
Spec: Brewmaster (Tank) / Mist (healer but working on his set)
Professions: Alch & Scribe
Armory: ... nch/simple
Total account /played: ~650+ days

MC – Cleared
Onyxia – Cleared
BWL – Cleared
ZG – Cleared
AQ20 – Cleared
AQ40 – Up to Twins
Naxx – Spider, Plague, Up to Thad

Kara – Cleared
Gruul – Cleared
Magth – Cleared
SSC – Cleared
TK – Cleared
BT – Cleared
Hyjal - Cleared
ZA – Cleared
Sunwell – 3/6 pre-nerf Cleared.

VoA 10 – Cleared
VoA 25 - Cleared
Naxx 10 – Cleared
Naxx 25 – Cleared
OS 10 – Cleared
OS 10+3 – Cleared
OS 25 – Cleared
OS 25+3 – Cleared
EoE 10 – Cleared
EoE 25 – Cleared
Uld 10 – Cleared
Uld 25 – Cleared
Uld Hard modes – few Cleared
ToC 10 – Cleared
ToGC 10 – Cleared
ToC 25 – Cleared
ToGC 25 – post patch Cleared
Onyxia 10 – Cleared
Onyxia 25 – Cleared
ICC 10 – LK at 5% buff Cleared
ICC 10 HC – few bosses
ICC 25 – Cleared
ICC 25 HC – few bosses
RS 10 – Cleared
RS 10 HC – post patch Cleared
RS 25 - post patch Cleared
RS 25 HC – post patch Cleared

BH – Cleared
BoT – pre-nerf Cleared
BoT HC – Sinestra post-4.0 Cleared
BWD – Nef post-nerf Cleared
BWD HC – Nef post-4.0 Cleared
ToFW – Al’akir post-nerf Cleared
ToFW HC – Not Cleared
FL – Raggy post-nerf Cleared
FL HC – Raggy post-nerf Cleared
DS – pre-nerf Cleared
DS HC – post-nerf Cleared

Rank 10 pre-AB
20xx 2v2
RBG 19xx

Play time: Everyday 19.30 - 1.00
Addons – Not using / DBM if needed.
PC: Good / High quality details works without any problem or delays
Internet – 10MB, no lags or disconnects
Vent / TS / Mumble – Yes

About me:
P. Doctor in-spe
Playing since launch – Febuary 2005, on first EU pvp realm – Dragonmaw.
Then I used to play on many servers due to free migrations that made most of my previous realms a dead ones.
Always as tank (classic – war, tbc – war / pala, wrath – dk / pala / war, cata – dk / war / pala, mop – monk), and healer (classic – pala, tbc – pala, wrath – pala, shaman, cata – tested all, mop – monk).
Only played three times as Dps. On Brutal in Sunwell as retri for debuff, on Yogg 25 as ench and DS on Madness as arms.

Checking tactics on TankSpot before each new content raid.
Following orders from Raid Leader but able to lead a raid.
Prepared for raids and online at least 10min before start.
Not an “loot-whore”. Can be easily last in queue.

Reason of application ?
Before moving to TW, I’ve made an research on each of 3 realms and checked all guilds on them. SHAC happen to be most suitable for me. I can offer you my skills and zero troubles with activity. I’m not “guild-jumper” so no worry about that. As long as there is at least 5 people in it I won’t leave.

Joke & cat pic – pardon me but my jokes are rather dark and I doubt there is a cat pic you haven’t seen yet.

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Re: Monk Application

Post by Mornie » Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:16 pm

Hello Bearpuch and thanks for applying to Shac .
At the moment our roster is pretty tight, and your experience is a far behind from what we seek in a raider.

Good luck in your search for a guild.

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Re: Monk Application

Post by Bearpunch » Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:08 pm

Very well then.