Teaon, Arms/Fury Warrior

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There is some confusion as to what we are looking for in a player. Firstly, you must want to raid.. Our 25 man raids Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:00cet-24:00cet. We understand real-life and make SOME allowances. If you are about to quit and just want to see bosses die, don't waste our time please. We all speak english. We are not the most amazing raiding guild the world has ever seen, but we do ok. As with every guild, we wipe a lot, deal with it.

You need to have a brain. The above is a minimum to make us consider you.

Do you have endgame experience?
Does your gear demonstrate that you have raided a long time (guild progress is NOT the indicator we are looking for)?
Do you play a 2.2k+ rated arena team?
Are you amazing and interesting to raid with, with a truly fantastic personality? We like people, we dont like loudmouth kids. Walk the fine line between funny and fuckwit.

Any information you give us will be used to see if you fit into any of those spots. If you dont supply enough information for us to decide, we won't! Good luck!

Other than this you should know what we need to know about you. Write a reasonable in depth application and put in some effort. We are not interested in players/members who are not willing or able to follow the simple instructions above and are not willing to put some time and love into their application. This application is the only chance you will have to persuade us of your worth. Make sure you write about yourself AND your character/experience.
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Teaon, Arms/Fury Warrior

Post by Tean » Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:12 am



My name is Faisal, and im from Kuwait, im 20 years old and i just cant pass a day without using my computer, Played wow since naxx with a paladin, but then i left wow as no friend or someone to advise me, later on i came back with this warrior at the ICC times Leveled to 80 and the game started on :D!.

Im a Alt guy leveler ( WAT? elaborate ) means i have few alts warrior 85, holy paladin 85, mage ( PVP ONLY ) 85, warlock Twink (70).

Im a God damn pvp lover, i just cant pass a day without Killing AN ALLIANCE ( GNOMES ), since they nerfed my pvp warrior :( gnomes pwns me and i nerdrage :(.

About pve, 1st raid was Toc 10 and we didnt wipe i was damn happy :D. at icc the fun time was at sindragosa wiping with my lol guild 17 times at her, everytime we wipe i lol hard xD, was fun indeed as i know sindra tacs 100% thanks to the wipes. never was my fault bu the guild leader was "newb" not noob ! and i didnt want to interpret as it will be a chaos if everyone is going to say to the guild leader NO. but then we downed her and made a party xD.


we wiped 19 times at 1 day, and we didnt kill him :( because new patch came, never was my fault, people always fail at the defil, but was fun wiping to much in a raid..... yes i enjoy wiping, i never ragenerd at wiping or failing, thats the game wipe wipe then learn. and I NEVER LEAVE unless the raid leader or the guild leader said ( ok its over we countine later )..

English skills and others :-

i can read , listen and understand 100% english, but at talking hm maybe 6/10

i have vent, skype and teamspeak , usually in raids i prefer only to listen to one guys telling us the tacs UNLESS he asks someone to talk, IN raiding.

in BG or others we just can loltalk


http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... aon/simple

im planning to switch to arms/arms pvp pve as arms getting high dmg buff, which will be better than fury.


Dbm <--- very important

SpellAlerter <---- for ARENA


Times i can play:-

i can play anyday anytime, the days i cant play on is the exams day, other days im free..

Forgot to tell:-

Im a LOL! farmer <---- CHINES :D

Im looking forward to play RATEDBG so you guys do a ratedbg?



MY CAT <3:-


my appli seems not imba or pro , but i hope its acceptable !

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