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All applications MUST contain a joke and a cat picture. Applications without these will not be processed or accepted. You will not be prodded or reminded to add this, consider it a test of your ability to work things out for yourself.


There is some confusion as to what we are looking for in a player. Firstly, you must want to raid.. Our 25 man raids Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:00cet-24:00cet. We understand real-life and make SOME allowances. If you are about to quit and just want to see bosses die, don't waste our time please. We all speak english. We are not the most amazing raiding guild the world has ever seen, but we do ok. As with every guild, we wipe a lot, deal with it.

You need to have a brain. The above is a minimum to make us consider you.

Do you have endgame experience?
Does your gear demonstrate that you have raided a long time (guild progress is NOT the indicator we are looking for)?
Do you play a 2.2k+ rated arena team?
Are you amazing and interesting to raid with, with a truly fantastic personality? We like people, we dont like loudmouth kids. Walk the fine line between funny and fuckwit.

Any information you give us will be used to see if you fit into any of those spots. If you dont supply enough information for us to decide, we won't! Good luck!

Other than this you should know what we need to know about you. Write a reasonable in depth application and put in some effort. We are not interested in players/members who are not willing or able to follow the simple instructions above and are not willing to put some time and love into their application. This application is the only chance you will have to persuade us of your worth. Make sure you write about yourself AND your character/experience.
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Twillight's Hammer Mage Apply

Post by anampel » Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:06 am

Personal information :Male
Name: Stathis
Age: 27
Location: Greece
Occupation: Construction company

Character information :Belf
Character name: Anampel
Class and primary spec: Fire main specc and arcane 2nd
Armory link: ... pel/simple

Your guild history: I am still part of inevitably as raider and i would like to change guild because we are 4 mages atm and we raid 10mans and its hard for all of us to join.

Why do you wanna join our guild?
I wanna join you because of your progress.
And because you are looking well-organised from outside

Connection Stability? 24Mb, very good

What times do you play the most or are most active in the game? afternoon every day untill 01:00

What do you enjoy doing the most(instancing,roleplaying,raiding,farming)? I enjoy the time i spent to wow to be funny and entertaining and i dont care if it is for raid,farm,instances

Have you ever been a raid leader, class leader, officer, or website administrator with another guild? I was for a while gm in a social guild
Do you have Vent and mic? Yes

Any events that might interrupt your playtime throughout the day? No

MSN/Email or any IM that we can contact you immediatly if needed?


Current Professions:
1) Enchanting (535)
2) Tailor (525)

Why you choosed to play this particular class and specc?Are you eager
changing your specc or your dual specc according to the guilds needs? Since i know my self i like to be in front of the line of fire. of course (as long u dont want me to heal :P)

Your goals in-game ? To live a great experience-fun in game and be a part of end game guild.

No Raid exp in previous (TBC-classic)

Naxxramas10/25 - Cleared
Malygos10/25 - Cleared
OS10/25 - Cleared
Ulduar10/25 - Cleared 25man (algalon 10man)
ToC10/25 Normal - Cleared
ToC10/25 Heroic - toc 10 cleared 25 man 4bosses
ICC10/25 Normal - Cleared
ICC10/25 Heroic - 11/12 10 and 25 man

What I can offer:
What i can offer?hmm.. i can tell u that i can give u the sky or that i will be 1st in dmg-dps but it wont be truth.The only thing that i can say is that every time i will be online i will try to give my best if i am in raid or not and i wll be one of the ppl u can rely on.


Cat photo:

Joke:How many Blizzard employees does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None, its working as intended

How many Paladins does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Two, one to screw in the bulb and the other to uphold the light

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